Our thoughts and prayers are with you all

During this unprecedented storm, all that truly matters is the safety and well-being of everyone. I believe that just about everyone has been impacted to some degree by this storm but I sincerely hope that its effect on you is minimal. I was hoping we would catch a break with the rain but unfortunately, we will still have at least a few more days to deal with this.

A brief update on the status of the storage facility. As I communicated on Saturday, we lost power at the facility for about 8-9 hours due to a downed power line from a fallen tree down the street. Fortunately, an outstanding crew from Centerpoint Energy repaired the lines and power was restored before evening. As of right now, we still have power. It does not appear that we have had any water infiltration in any of the storage units. We can’t be 100% sure, but as of right now we do not see any evidence of flood damage. I hope that remains to be the case going forward and that your items remain safe and dry.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and with all emergency personnel working hard to help those in need. Please be safe.

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