Facility Status Update – How we plan to help

Dear Valued Customer:

As mentioned, we do not appear to have sustained any flood or windstorm damage at the storage facility. Numerous tenants have come in to check on their units and contents and we have not heard of any damage.

The destruction and losses caused by Hurricane Harvey are unprecedented. We are very saddened by some of the stories we have heard and the footage we have seen on television. Many people in the area lost their homes and belongings, vehicles, and/or their jobs. Our thoughts and prayers are with you if you were one of these people. If you fall into this category, please call the office and let us know. To assist you, we will waive all late fees, lien fees, cut lock fees, and advertising fees for the month of September. We will also suspend lien – foreclosure proceedings on your storage unit for September. We will also work out a payment plan with you. Note that these steps are not automatic and not for customers that were not impacted as stated above. For customers that have lost their homes, belongings, vehicles, or jobs due to Hurricane Harvey, you must call the office and request this assistance.

Our sincere hope is that you were not significantly impacted by the hurricane but if you were, we will try to help.

Best Regards,

Alma Giner, Manager

Abel Giner, Manager

Bill Gibbs, Owner


Owner and President of W&CG Investments LLC dba A Low Cost Self Storage

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